The Design Challenge:

The design challenge is to design and build a web-based system for tracking the sales process as well as:

  1. Manage sales agents performance and tracking throughout the whole sales journey with the client

  2. Track and update  potential customer status throughout the entire sales journey 

  3. Be used by team leads to draw business reports and insights.

The system should be customisable and  responsive enough so that device size is not a limitation to users in that they are able to edit and add  information, ie clients name , location/coordinates, services, etc, using their computers/laptops or a smartphone.

Features required:
  1. Access the system through a proper authentication system (username and passwords)

  2. Register a client through a registration form

  3. Change a client’s status depending on ​stage e.g. prospecting, meeting, negotiation, closing

  4. Track Sales agents performance  e.g. daily prospects, no. of those closed etc

  5. Run reports on the various fields related to sales data so that data can be analysed easily and clicked through to view specific client profiles

  6. Customised visualizations and dashboards for japotech and partners

  7. Data download abilities

  8. The system must be scalable; adapt as the numbers and company grows

Stages to be tracked. 

These are the stages a student/alumni can be in through the entire process: 

Prospecting/Client data.

We should be able to see the numbers of the prospecting clients that are interested in Japotech services and their data captured (Name, Contact, location/coordinates and services they are interested in) 

Each sales agent should have the ability to view the prospects they have brought in.

Leads & Closures 

We should be able to somehow capture all their metrics for how well sales agents are doing/ ranking within a certain time frame. We track active leads and those that have been negotiated and closed  


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Frank Atukunda

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Japotech Team
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